Creations of a Miserable Sort

They come from the bowels of hell. A transformed race of walking dead. Zines guided by a master plan for complete domination of the earth. The place for physical product from the devious mind of Rugose Kohn!

This is the sort of collection that demands to be held in print. A truly horrific masterpiece of both adventure design and evocative artwork that will have your players screaming with delight...or at least screaming.

Afterthought Committee
an independent team of ttrpg creators

Content so hot, you best have oven gloves.

Wales, UK

Whenever someone asks where to start with Mörk Borg content, I recommend Rugose's Adventure Chapbooks!

Buffalo, NY
Make no mistake! These collections are the best out there! The adventures are fun, well organized, and creative! The maps and tables are incredible! Every bit of these “zines” are clearly a labor of love from a very creative and talented individual!
Greg W
Arizona, USA

Rugose Kohn

The Anti-Paladin

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